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Medigap Seminars Reviews

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November 30, 2022

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Recommended Reviews - Medigap Seminars

I really liked that. Marcene is amazing, as is her office assistant Debbie. The videos have been good but when you contact. It's a wonderful and useful way to navigate Medicare mazes. His Youtube videos were great and easily followed. Continue reading I work full-time on trading options in the equities market allowing me to analyze complex financial documents. Matthew helped me find the best possible Medicare Supplement plan and navigated my transition.

I have been with them for two years and will continue to be a happy customer. The office manager, sorry forgot her name) was very helpful in getting this deal done.Michael Lofton Sean B a month ago Glen Wilson was great! Professional and very knowledgeable. Answered all our questions.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Finally, I just discovered that it could take as long as two weeks for the insurance carrier to make a final decision about your application. This is different from Medicare Advantage plan where the process seldom takes more that one day. So leave yourself enough time to allow for this process to complete itself if you are applying for a Medigap policy.

Pam McCroskey a month ago Spoke to Glen Wilson today after watching YouTube Medigap Seminars with Matthew Claassen my husband and I decided to reach out to this agency in regards to changes we needed to make with our Medicare coverage ! After talking to Glen he is helping us proceed with a informative process and confidence that we are now making the best decisions meeting our coverage needs not just for now but for the future.

He was polite, knowledgeable and punctual. Medigap Seminars provides lots of online videos which can help you understand everything you need to know about Medicare which is a lot. Dol Knigge 20 days ago Marlene was very helpful with both me and my husband's Medigap plan G applications. Major insurance carriers are typically comprehensive and include coverage for such incidents as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, personal injury liability and more.

Linda Butler 15 days ago Thanks to Tristan and Matthew, I had an easy transition going back to my original medicare plan. Tim Egan 18 days ago Tristan was very helpful, as are the Youtube videos. Dan Zuspan 18 days ago The online videos and information were very helpful in understanding our Medicare / Medigap options. Medicare plans are health insurance plans offered by the federal government to those who are 65 or older, as well as certain disabled individuals.

Review Highlights - Medigap Seminars

“There are also others that didn’t understand my plan, and that’s quite a bit disturbing,” he said. Listed in 9 reviews. Read the full highlights.

I began analyzing medicare benefits read more Useful 6 Funny Cool Larry K. 0 7 9 5 years ago Matthew did an excellent job helping me find and navigate the process to acceptance for a new Medicare supplemental Insurance policy. Given my read more Useful 7 Funny Cool Cynthia B.

Additional Information

Tristan was very helpful and sent me additional information I will need to make my insurance purchasing decisions. Medigap Seminars are the best! Matthew Claassen has made the whole medicare experience so much less a mystery! I have spoken to his receptionist also and found her to be very pleasant and helpful.

The tone of his voice and the cadence of his speech helped me take in the vast amount of infomation without feeling overwhelmed. I felt comfortable that I was truly doing my due diligence. After viewing all of Matthew's videos, I decided to call MedigapSeminars.

An independent Medicare insurance broker is an individual who helps people choose and purchase Medicare insurance plans. They are not employed by any particular insurance company, so they can offer unbiased advice and help clients compare different plans to find the best one for their needs.

Make an informed decision! get the best plan for your needs and budget. History Established in 2012. With over 30 years of industry experience, we share our knowledge, experience, research and expertise about Medicare. Bay Alarm Medical Alert is a medical alert system that provides seniors with access to 24/7 emergency monitoring.

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Medicare supplement plans

Ended up with good value for the premium for Medigap coverage Steve Henderson a month ago The very pleasant and helpful Vondrea helped get me signed for Medicare Supplement Plans. She had all the answers and resources needed to make the discussions efficient.

Marcene Alexis was the agent that assisted me, she fully answered all my questions and provided me with all the information i needed regarding my options and policies. Alan Olson 21 days ago I found Matthew's prolific YouTube coverage of all things Medicare to be extremely helpful and understandable. I didn't find anyone else doing this online.

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Review from Laura B 5 stars 11/17/2022 I did as much research as possible on the Medigap policies and found the online videos helpful in making my decisions. Triston G. helped me through the application process and answered the few questions I had left.

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