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Life Alert vs Medical Guardian

life alert vs medical guardian
March 14, 2023

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Medical Guardian Review: Key Takeaways

The Medical Guardians review covers the best information you should know when shopping for medical alerts. About a quarter of people over 65 live alone. Often people think about how they can get alerts from doctors when there's no medical care in their house. Medical alert systems provide emergency assistance to anyone who suffers a serious injury.

Classic Guardian : The Classic Guardian is Medical Guardian's most affordable and classically styled medical alert system. The base unit connects to your home's landline and offers two-way communication between you and the emergency response operator. The pendant has an impressive 1,300-foot range, and the system's 32-hour backup battery is a nice feature.

Medical Guardian vs. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm offers a simple system for $25.75 monthly. But its devices can have a much shorter distance than medical guards (1400 feet). Automatic fall detection will cost additional fees from Bay Alarm and Medical Guard. The Bay Alarm Smartwatch resembles MGMove in design and features. Both watches feature dual speakers, emergency keys, and steps tracking. If an active individual wants to wear a smart phone or watch discreetly they should consider the smart watch from both brands.

But first, there is one other pricing consideration to keep in mind. As we mentioned earlier, Medical Guardian offers add-ons and upgrades so that you can customize your coverage to meet your needs. And of course, these will cost you. So if you do choose this provider, we recommend going easy on the extras to save some money.

Bottom Line

A Medical Guardian system is connected to a monitoring center allowing the sending of assistance 24x7. The price of some products may be lower for those with annual subscriptions but upfront fees will apply to other products.

However, we recommend just going with month-to-month coverage, unless you have the budget to work with to purchase the equipment upfront. New MyGuardian App No matter which Medical Guardian device you choose, you get access to the brand-new MyGuardian app. This app's intuitive interface is specially designed for seniors and allows users to easily organize their monitoring plans and get help from customer service.

Medical Guardian Available Features

(Healthcare) Availability Features: Fall detection 24-hour monitoring Stationary Base Units and batteries GPS enabled mobile devices Smart voice assistant activity tracking on MGMove watch Nonavailability Features: Health checks.

To learn more, read our guide to medical alerts with no monthly fee . Medical Guardian Medical Alert System Frequently Asked Questions Is Medical Guardian a good company? Medical Guardian is one of our top-rated Medical Alert providers. They offer durable equipment, quick response times, and simple devices. Returning your system is easy as calling to cancel your service and shipping your equipment.

Medical Guardian Setup Fees

Medical Guardian is a company we consider to have a low upfront fee. Although the firm charges no installation fee or activation fee, it is possible that the device will cost substantial upfront fees for setup. If you choose a monthly subscription or monthly subscription you will also need $1250 in shipment charges.

Medical Guardian Pros and Cons

If you are looking to get in touch with me to find the best medical Guardian you need to talk about medical care. Let me tell you about what I really enjoyed about the Classic Guardian system.

Medical Guardian Systems Overview

HealthGuard provides healthcare alert systems to a variety of different customers based on a single system or service. It is offering a low cost Classic Guardian system, as well as systems designed specifically for smartphones and tablets.

Any remaining time left in the service plan period is refunded. Restocking fees may apply. Where are Medical Guardian monitoring centers located? Medical Guardian's monitoring center is 100% U.S.-based, but the company doesn't disclose a more specific location. Its services are available in all 50 states, though. Do Medical Guardian emergency response services require a landline? Only the Classic Guardian package requires a landline.

Medical Guardian Optional Features

Medic Guardian has many additional features. The company provides added fall detection for every smartphone and tablet. It also features an on-screen alarm system and a locked box. A protective system, guarding alarms and locking box can also be included into the deluxe and mini guard plans. If a person purchases another pendant medical guard will provide spousal monitoring for them at no charge. You may add 3 additional pendants or wristwatches for a monthly fee of $2.99.

We have a range of in-home and on the go medical alert devices to fit your lifestyle. With Medical Guardian, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing you are always protected. Medical Guardian Visit the Store How did we get our start? When our CEO Geoff Gross's grandmother experienced serval falls and needed help at home.

Does Medical Guardian Offer Fall Detection?

Yes. The Medical Guardian has fall detection on any plan. Medical Guardian's two main mobile apps, Mini Guardian and mobile 2.0, include an option to use wearable fall alerts. Classic Guardian and Home 2.0 offer fall detection pendants for $1.50 monthly. If a fall occurs, fall detection cables and buttons send signals automatically to base or phone units. Then the device contacts the Health Guard Monitoring Unit. Monitoring Center staff respond 24 hours a day for emergencies or non-emergencies.

There are no cancellation fees, and long-term contracts are not required. Users may cancel their service at any time, and will receive a prorated refund for any prepaid months. Monitoring Medical Guardian devices are monitored by a 100% U.S.-based center with a triple-redundant backup system, which means that it can sustain its own power in worst case scenario situations and callers will never be without assistance.

How does Medical Guardian work?

With just one click the device will provide you immediate assistance. GPS pinpoints incoming information anywhere in your home with on-the-fly systems at 1,400 feet away from the main device. If you have a medical emergency, you must immediately dial 911 or an emergency medical personnel. You can contact your care circle if you need help with your daily life.

Medical guardian alert systems

On-the-go devices have a maximum battery life of seven days, depending on the device. How does Medical Guardian work? Medical Guardian alert systems are designed for at-home or on-the-go use. With either type of system, when you press the medical alert button, you are connected to a 24/7 medical monitoring center.

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Does Medical Guardian offer a money-back guarantee?

Pricelocking is not offered by Medical Guardian and no guarantees are given. The loss fee can be up to $350.00 when your return is accepted. The Best Medical Detection System 2023 is also available with a free trial of 30-days or with monetary refunds. Other customers might provide the full refund in the unlikely case that you're unsatisfied. Medical Guardian will refund your payment of the month of services that you don't use, but there's no free trial.

Medical Guardian vs. Lively

Lively's medical warning systems include portability, waterproof hardware, and two-way connectivity. The downside: Live devices are short of charge and battery life when used with Medicalguard systems in the home. Medical Guardians can last 7 days at a charge. It takes just 3 days of use so you will be reminded to charge more frequently. Another negative is Lively's limited fall detection for their highest monthly subscription plans.

Automatic Fall Detection

Fall detection will automatically warn MED-GUARD monitoring when it feels the fall. Fall detection is a monthly expense of about $5.50. About 33.6 million older Americans die annually in America. You may install fall warning pendants into a mobile phone or a home system. Mini Security: Fall detection is embedded right into your smartphone. Fall detection is not supported for MGMoves.

Medical Guardian customer service

Healthcare Guardian's customer service representatives are available by telephone, e-mail, or chat. The team can be contacted at (847)577-8574 between 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. The website Medical Guardian provides quick and easy chats which direct you to a qualified medical professional in the shortest possible time. Available chats can be as good as telephone calls can be.

Which is better Medical Guardian or Life Alert?

Life Alert compared to Health Guardian reviews shows that Medical Guardian is a more cost efficient solution than Life Alert because it does not require the customer to sign long, difficult contracts.

Medical Guardian costs Medical Guardian equipment fees are generally required for packages where you buy the equipment, but packages with leased equipment don't have these initial fees. When available, the fall detection upgrade adds $10 a month to the monitoring fee.

Which medical alert does AARP recommend?

What is the best medical monitoring tool that is recommended by AARP? ARP does not endorse an alerting mechanism. AARP membership does not include a cost-free alert system. AARP member organizations offer discounts to their customers, but the discounts are not arranged with AARP.

It stands out from other medical alert companies with bigger device ranges, longer battery life, and one of the shortest response times in the industry. With no contracts and optional automatic fall detection, Medical Guardian may give you peace of mind knowing that you or your loved ones are protected.

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Medical Guardian Review: Bottom line

Medical Guardians are the best choice for medical emergencies that require immediate medical attention. The company has a larger product range, a longer battery life and shortest response times in the industry. Unlike most insurance policies, Medical Guardian will ensure you or your loved one is secure when you have fallen. Despite their complaints, many clients have expressed disappointment over the way the refund process is handled. Several factors should be considered when considering purchasing a health alert system.

Mini Guardian Equipment We've been waiting for the day that a medical alert device would come in some more fashionable options, and the Mini Guardian fits that bill! It comes in black, white, or a nice silver option. This on-the-go system can be worn around the neck or clipped to your belt.

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