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Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage Pros and Cons

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March 21, 2023

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans!

Medicare Advantage Pros and Cons


  • Medicare Advantage plans often offer more coverage than Original Medicare, including vision, hearing, dental and prescription drug coverage.
  • Some plans may include additional benefits such as gym memberships or home health care services.
  • Many plans have lower out-of-pocket costs than Original Medicare.


  • Your provider network may be limited and you may have to pay more if you see a provider outside of your plan’s network.
  • You may have to pay a premium for your Medicare Advantage plan in addition to the Part B premium for Original Medicare.
  • Your coverage may be limited if you travel outside of the United States, or if you need care from a provider who does not accept Medicare Advantage plans.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Which Should I Choose?

Medicare Part A (health care insurance) as well Part B (hospital insurance) provides most, if no, of these services and products. Part C is a plan that provides supplemental health insurance coverage to Medicare beneficiaries and a drug treatment option for those who need additional coverage. Let's see what type of coverage you need to get into your Medicare Plan.

Prescription drug coverage Original Medicare does not include prescription drug coverage. You may choose to purchase a stand-alone prescription drug plan from a private company. Most Medicare Advantage plans include coverage for prescription drugs, although there are also MA plans that cover medical services only. Can I change my plan if I don't like it? Yes.

Do Medicare Advantage Plans Replace Original Medicare?

Medicare Advantage plans replace original Medicare as well as offer extra benefits according to the type of plan you select. When we compare the Medicare Advantage plan with other Medicare plans, we have in mind that it is provided by private insurance companies like Anthem. They cover the same coverage as Part B, and all the additional benefits that Original Medicare does not cover. Imagine Medicare Advantage plans as securing comprehensive medical insurance. Some Medicare benefit packages that Original Medicare doesn't provide include Prescription Drug Coverage.

What is Original Medicare?

Medicare offers coverage for 65-year-olds who have terminal renal disease or if there is a disability. There are two components of Medicare that Original Medicare does not cover including the cost of vision and dental care. You only pay 25 percent of the price, but because these are so expensive, your costs rise. Once your total drug costs reach $4,660 (for 2023), including out of pocket costs and what your plan paid, you have entered the so-called coverage gap phase and will pay 25 percent of the cost, regardless of tier.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Coverage features

Plan Features Original Medicare Advantage Unlimited network of providers: $0-premium plans. Preauthorization of specialty care. Extra coverage for dental, vision, or ear health: Caps on out-of-pocket costsThere is nothing to cap on Medigap plans.

What's the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage? The main difference is Original Medicare is administered by the federal government and Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private companies. Here's a deeper look into what makes them unique.

Cap on Your Out-of-Pocket Health Spending

Original Medicare does not charge you any additional fees and you pay for the services that you receive when using these services in your daily life. In most cases patients with Medicare have chosen to buy a MediGap policy to avoid medical bills and expenses in the process. In addition, Medicare Advantage plans have a maximum deductible for expenses.

When you reach the limit, the plan covers the total expenses that you incur. Medicare beneficiaries were paid the median amount for out-of-pocket service charges in 2018 at a median of $5247.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

In addition, Medicare supplement plans can cover certain coinsurance, copayments and premiums that Medicare does not provide. Because Medicare does not allow the use of Part A or Part B, experts suggest buying the Medigap Plan. You may purchase a Medigap program during the six-month period from 65 to 65. You will no longer be able to determine what insurers' policies should include.

MA plans generally require you to use doctors and facilities in the plan's network. If you see an out-of-network provider, your costs may be higher. Monthly premiums You usually don't pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A (hospital) coverage if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes for a certain amount of time while working.

Medicare Part B is a medical insurance coverage option available to individuals who are enrolled in Medicare. It covers medically necessary services such as doctor's visits, preventive care, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, mental health services, and some prescription drugs.

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What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage provides alternative Medicare coverage from private healthcare providers, the Medicare Advantage plan offers an affordable option. Medicare Advantage policies cover all the same benefits as Medicare Part A (part B) programs and some also cover prescription medications and additional benefits.

Medicare Advantage plans can cover prescription drugs. In order to be covered by Original Medicare you will have to purchase a different medication plan and pay separate insurance premiums. Lets compare the Original Medicare Advantage with the other to learn more about their advantages and disadvantages.

What's the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage?

The biggest difference is that Original Medicare is managed in the United States and the Medicare Advantage plans are offered privately. This is an in depth study to find out what makes them unique.

What is Medicare Advantage? Medicare Advantage is an alternative to traditional Medicare offered by private health insurance companies. Medicare Advantage plans cover all the same services under Original Medicare Part A and Part B, but often include prescription drug coverage and extra benefits. Some benefits may provide coverage.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Cost

Your total cost to get a health plan depends mainly upon the number of times you are seeking medical care and / or purchasing Medigap plans. Medicare Part A premiums. Premium in Part B reaches $146.30 monthly for 2025. Part d Premiums vary according to the Plan. Average $31.75 monthly for 2023. Parta.

Premiums: Usually 1 cent. The Part B premium is expected to be $146.39 a month in 2023. The cost of a premium under the health care benefit: variable depending upon plan, is 0. Part D insurance can be included in many plans. Medication costs are included in Part A and Part C.

Costs with Medicare Advantage vary but may include

A note on financial security is that a very good benefit of a Medicare Advantage Plan is that you are limited in your cost for out-of-the-pocket expenses. It can be useful if you want to reduce your Medicare costs. Medicare provides no financial protection in the same way.

Coverage for Vision and Dental Original Medicare doesn't cover these services. More than 70% of Medicare Advantage plans offer some coverage of these benefits, typically including preventive dental with some cost-sharing and possibly additional premiums, according to the Commonwealth Fund.

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Broadest Choice in Doctors and Other Medical Providers

Many health care facilities now accept the Medicare Originals, as opposed to Medicare Advantage. You may see any provider that accepts Medicare in the United States. Private insurance plans generally have limited network such as HMOs and other health plans. When you travel frequently, you might consider staying with Original Medicare.

Dental Care Many Medicare Advantage plans offer dental coverage for things like routine checkups and exams, cleanings, dentures, and coverage for unplanned dental procedures like root canals and crowns. Vision Care Eye health becomes more important as we age.

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