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Which Medicare Advantage Plan Has The Best Dental Coverage

supplemental dental coverage
July 21, 2022

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans!

The Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare in 2022

Our research, tests, reviews and recommendations are independent and based on our own experience. We make money by selling products on those websites. Finding affordable dental care for seniors isn't an easy task.

Seniors are frequently in dental offices due to their age, which affects their oral function. In 2016, 65% of Medicare users were not covered by dental insurance. 19% used dental services cost more than $1000.

Original Medicare covers not only dental treatment, it leaves some patients inaccessible. Nevertheless, there's still an oral insurance benefit with some Medicare benefits.

Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare of 2022

We suggest the best products through an unbiased review process, and advertisers make their choices. You can receive compensation by visiting the recommended partner.

See advertisement disclosure for further information. Many Medicare recipients are also required to buy dental insurance.

Medicare Part A (hospitals insurance) and Medicare Part B (medical insurance) do not cover routine dental treatment. The policy can help cover dental care costs incurred during surgery or in emergencies.

Best Medicare Advantage Dental Plans

What is the best dental insurance plan? Original Medicare does not cover dental services like cleaning, fillets or extractions. In order to obtain dental care seniors can either buy a separate plan or use an insurance plan that provides some type of cost support. Medicare Advantage is a bundled alternative to original Medicare sold from privately held insurers. It includes Medicare Part B and Part A (hospital coverage) and most frequently Part D (prescription drugs) benefits.

The best Medicare dental supplement plans

Dental health is a key factor in our well being, especially with age. Because original Medicare has no dental insurance, many older adults consider a Medicare benefit plan with dental insurance as a solution. We've got a list of some of my best plans that offer dental coverage.

3 Best Medicare Dental Plans for Seniors

In the past, Medicare had no dental insurance policy and Medicare Part A only provided dental services to patients with acute illness. For most dental services, you may be eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan, a standalone dental plan or Medicaid.

How could Medicare dental coverage change in 2022?

In 2020, the House passed legislation that would allow for dental insurance in Part B. The Medicare Dental, Vision and Hearing Benefit Act is sponsored by the Obama Administration and endorsed in part by President Biden's Build Back Better agenda.

The proposed budget plan is specifically intended to improve the health care for patients with disabilities under Medicare. It's not the first time the government is introducing dental insurance to Medicare beneficiaries, but the problem remains a big one. Most Americans on Medicaid are not covered by dental insurance.

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How much does dental care cost with Medicare Advantage?

Dental costs for Medicare Advantage plans differ from one plan to another according to service level. Some insurance programs are required for all services. In some instances 50% coinsurance is the common setup required to complete a refill.

Some services are billed for free by the network but require a premium of 0% or are not covered for outages. The fact that the services can often come with a low copayment with the exception of deductibles. In some cases it can be up to $1,000 annually to receive preventative or comprehensive services, or both.

Best for low-cost plans: Humana

Medicare's average score: 5. The services are available in 47 countries and Puerto Rico. The stand out aspect of Humana is Medicare's free premium plan, that is available for free to members in 48 countries and Puerto Rico (About 82% of people enrolled in Medicare Advantage will need prior authorization for comprehensive dental services.).

About 50% of all Humana members use the premium plan. Humana has the second-largest Medicare Advantage program and is accessible in the largest number of United States cities. Most Humana plans enjoy a high Medicare star rating and almost every member is a member who has an outstanding score.

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When should I get a standalone dental plan?

If your insurance is not Medicare Advantage, then obtaining a separate dental policy may be an alternative solution. There are many dental insurance companies that will provide you with a plan unless you don't own insurance through the provider. Medicare Advantage plans with dental coverage generally have preventive coverage and comprehensive coverage.

These programs are not tied to Medicare coverage, but they can provide you with savings to receive the dental care you need at your expense. Dental plans include dental HMOs that typically have cheaper monthly costs but only cover the care provided by dentists on-site.

Does Medicare cover dental care?

Part A of a new Medicare program covers only dental problems that take place at hospitals. It covers all dental problems that may occur after a dental accident or other dental disease. Traditional Medicare provides no dental routines or X-rays for patients under a sedentary lifestyle.

Generally, older people seeking dental coverage will be accepted under Medicare Part C. Dental care is important in maintaining our health as we grow older. See my guide on oral health for older adults.

How does Medicare Advantage dental coverage work?

The Medicare-sponsored Dental Benefits plan has been the preferred dental option for Medicare. Medicare Advantage is usually covered by a bundle plan that includes additional benefits like vision or dental with Original Medicare.

94% of Medicare plans offer dental coverage. Dental insurance usually requires additional fees for certain plans. In addition to dental services, most Medicare Advantage plans offer vision and hearing care as part of their Medicare Advantage Plus plan.

Final verdict

Dental insurance is a Medicare option for seniors. If your dental health needs additional coverage there are a number of options available. Our best pick in the Medicare Advantage plan is United Healthcare. United Healthcare provides patients with affordable dental care.

The company is supported by over 1.1 million customers. AARP members are entitled to many extra benefit opportunities. United Health's website is simple, informative and helps you pick the best plan for you.

What dental care is covered by Medicare Part A?

Medicare Part A does not offer dental treatments like cleaning or dental fillings. However, Medicare Part A covers dental procedures that require a dental emergency and require hospital admission.

This could include teeth splints before cancer radiotherapy, jaw surgery or dental surgery before kidney transplant surgery if needed. When it comes time to get dental treatment at the hospital you must check the billing code of the service to confirm your coverage.

Plans and prices

Signing into Medicare can be complicated and therefore we've summarized the basics here. How do I get a dental plan with insurance? Find Medicare Advantage coverage in your region. Using Medicare's Find a Medicare Plan tool, you'll be able to register without personal data or account, and click on a program that is eligible to enroll for Medicare Advantage. Check your plans. The green check mark below "Dental" indicates the plan has dental insurance coverage.

Best for member satisfaction: Kaiser Permanente

Medicare stars are rated averaging 5 stars per person. Service areas: In eight states and Washington D.C. Standout feature: Kaiser Permanente ranked top on the Medicare Advantage survey based on customer satisfaction. Many of Cigna's plans offer a zero-dollar maximum for preventive dental coverage and have a generous amount of extras, including health and wellness discounts and behavioral and emotional support.

Kaiser Permanente has been named the 5th-largest provider for the Advantage plan, receiving high ratings both from CMS and outside rating agencies. Almost every Kaiser health care plan offers dental care for the patient as well.


Kaiser offers dental services that cover a total of a minimum of four services per plan. Generally used are diagnostic service periodontal and extraction procedures. Kaiser Permanente plans only exist in eight states and Washington DC. This includes Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Virginia and Washington state. Kaiser offers a few plans for health care workers so they have to use Kaiser's network providers.

What dental services are covered under Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage dentistry is usually a basic dental plan that involves yearly cleanings and X-ray tests and can also cover additional services such as dental removal. Some insurance plans have an annual limit of coverage, although the plan can cover comprehensive services.

Alternatively, plans require authorization to perform more complicated tasks. Approximately 82% of patients in Medicare Advantage require a dental appointment.

Best for size of dental network: UnitedHealthcare

Medicare star ratings: 4. The UnitedHealthcare network is based in nearly 100 states and is also the largest network of dentists for the Medicare Advantage. United Healthcare provides Medicare Advantage Plans in almost 65% of U.S. counties.

UnitedHealthcare has partnered with AARP and provides Medicare insurance under its AARP name. Some UHC member organizations have high star rating plans.


Medicare average ratings. Service Area : Available across 25 States including Washington, DC. Our Cigna Medicare Advantage plan features preventive and comprehensive dental coverage including specialized endodontic procedures, extractions or restorative treatments. Preventive dental care includes cleanings, fluorescence, X-rays and tests.

Dental coverage includes dental treatment, periodontology & gums, extraction & restorative care (filling a bridge and reshaping a tooth), endodontic treatment (root canal & prosthetic teeth).


Medicare rating in general is 3.7. Services: Available across 46 US states including Washington. Unique feature: Nine of 10 Aetna health plan plans provide complete dental services. (Almost 77 % of all Aetna plan plans are offered for preventative dental treatments. Aetna is the fourth-biggest Medicare Advantage plan company. Approximately 84% of all Medicare users are eligible to enroll in Aetna.

How much does a Medicare Advantage plan with dental coverage cost out of pocket over the monthly premium?

Copays or coinsurance are usually used to cover many dental insurances such as 50% coinsurance or $50 copayment. In fact, there are some plan caps for coverage. It's true however that plans differ from provider to supplier even among plans that come with similar plans. You must compare the costs of dental coverage before signing an insurance agreement.

How much does Medicare Advantage cost?

The average Medicare Advantage monthly premium will be reduced from $9 per month in 2024 compared to $21.22 in 2021.

Depending upon plans, medical care can sometimes be affected if doctors do not work in the network. Several insurance plans require you to pay up to $1,000 in medical expenses each month to get coverage. In the case of Dallas, Texas:

How do I choose the best Medicare Supplemental Dental Plans?

There is no easy way to compare all Medicare Advantage plans available. In researching the availability and price of dental plans across the country, a group of dentists developed their list. You can then compare these to our top dental plans for seniors for 2020.

Is a Medicare Advantage plan the only way to get dental coverage with Medicare?

Whatever kind of Medicare coverage is there, you can get dental insurance. There are various plan types that provide different levels of coverage, premiums, copayment and spending restrictions. Examples of this are Delta Dental, Humana and others.

Tell me the benefits of buying Medicare Advantage plans?

Some individuals prefer to take out Medicare - primarily for dental vision and hearing care as a single benefit. Some people also prefer lower monthly premiums (often no cost), depending upon the level of coverage they are looking for.

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