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Medicare In A Nutshell

April 27, 2022

Medicare Supplement insurance plans

Medicare supplement insurance plans are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program. We offer plans from a number of insurance companies.

Federal Medicare program

Medicare & Medicaid are often confused by the same terms. Both government health programs administer their coverage. Medicare is a government-sponsored health care plan designed to help seniors over 65 who are in need of or are undergoing medically-related medical care. Medicaid provides low-income individuals with federal and state funds. Both qualifications offer very different benefits.

How do I get Medicare?

Almost everyone is eligible for Medicare as long as they are not doing anything to join. In the event that Social Security has retired you automatically become eligible for retirement at a certain age at age 67. In the event of your disability, you receive a disability benefit every 25 months after receiving a disability payment for that month's disability. You may qualify to be covered by Medicare at least 65 years old if you suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ESRD. Once you have Medicare eligibility you are free to enroll in the Medigap or Medicare Part D plan.

Medicare consists of Hospital (Part A) and Medical (Part B). Part A is for inpatient hospital care, and Part B is for outpatient Medical care such as doctor visits, tests, therapy, ER, and outpatient services.

Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare can be paid for a service or item in some circumstances but not all. Generally, the service is offered through Medicare-approved providers in a Medicare-enrolled hospital.

As an alternative to receiving Medicare Parts A and B directly from the government (original Medicare), you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan (Medicare Part C). Benefits are provided by private companies and organizations approved by Medicare.

There are no income requirements to qualify. You must be 65 years of age, on Social Security disability for at least two years, or diagnosed with end stage Renal Disease.

Prescription drug coverage

when you are contact us our licensed sales agent contact you by phone, mail, or email to answer your questions or provide additional information about Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance. ZIP Code Your ZIP Code allows us to filter for Medicare plans in your area.

If you delay enrollment in Part B, you might face a late-enrollment penalty for as long as you have the coverage, unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Outside of certain specific situations, Original Medicare doesn't cover prescription drugs.

medicare Supplement plan

Social Security or railroad retirement benefits You or spouse worked in a government job in which you paid Medicare taxes for a long enough period of time You are the dependent parent of a fully insured deceased child Individuals who are eligible for Medicare Part A at no cost can pay a monthly premium to enroll in Medicare Part B.

Eligibility for Medicare Citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. age 65 and older are eligible for Medicare Part A (hospital insurance). There is no cost for Part A if: You receive or are eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

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