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Where Is Medicare Located

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June 3, 2022

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Where can I find a Medicare office near me?

You can get support both on the internet and within your local community by visiting the Medicare Help Desk. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has regional offices that can help answer questions from patients with Medicare.

The local Social Security Agency offers help in applying for Medicare or getting a pension. If the office is not close you might find that you can do much of your research online. Find out what resources you can use when utilizing Medicare.

Find a Medicare office near you Following These Exact Steps

December 8, 2020 Although it’s possible for you to manage your healthcare online, it’s best to handle it personally in an insurance office near you. You can ask your local insurance company about your coverage options or get a replacement. The federal health insurance scheme will subsidize your health care and make it possible for you to access the services that you need. But you may need to search using terms such as, “Nearest Medicare office to me,” to find one that will help with some of the questions you have.

Medicare's offices have an office at the Social Security office. How can one locate the nearest health care center? This shows all Medicare offices near your location. You will see the address of the offices of Medicare including phone numbers, and other information regarding the business hours and other details.

The Richard Bolling Federal Building is a United States federal building located at 601 East 12th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Completed in 1965, the building is bordered by East Twelfth, East Thirteenth, Locust, and Holmes streets in the Central Business District in Kansas City. The building was named for Congressman Richard Walker Bolling in 1994.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2021. The Washington, D.C. location is in the heart of the nation's capital, and offers all the amenities of a cosmopolitan site. There are also ten regional offices located throughout the United States - Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

How can I find a Medicare office near me?

You can always find a local Medicare office. SSA assists in enrolling Medicare beneficiaries while CMS manages the Medicare program. If there's any Social Security office nearby you may use the Web site and enter a zip code. Representatives can assist you to find out what you want about your Medicare eligibility.

Tell me the best way to apply for Medicare?

Your application must be submitted through the Social Security Administration. You are able to make this decision online, by phone, or through the Social Security Department's offices. Find your local Social Security office. The Social Security Administration only accepts Part B and Part A Medicare Part D.

Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plans can only be purchased via private insurance firms. The Social Security Agency can also support Medicare beneficiaries through their website. Medicare coverage is offered through the Social Security Administration.

Where can I find a Medicare office near me?

Medicare also operates 10 regional headquarters throughout the United States. The company doesn't operate its own offices, but you are eligible for Medicare from a nearby office. The majority of the business with Medicare is handled via the phone numbers and the Medicare website. Fact check: A certified insurer has reviewed the information provided on these web sites in order to determine if these guidelines were true.

The information is correct. The CMS MCMCs. The Medicare Advantages / Medicare PDDs (MA/MAPD) or the PDP carriers' guidelines. Citation of Us. Accessed April 17, 2019. I’m in need of healthcare? Retired guide.

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Tell me the best way to enroll in Medicare?

You can apply online and get Medicare Part A and Part C from the Social Security Administration. Online registration is also possible on-site. If you have questions, please contact the Social Security Administration at 8475778574.

The Social Security Administration's website has a Medicare section which gives you various tasks including: You can also register with to check if a patient has been denied coverage. We and the licensed agents that may call you are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the federal Medicare program. Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed the information contained on this website.

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Does Medicare have local offices?

Medicare has no local office. It has national offices in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and 10 regional offices throughout the United States. Medicare and Medicaid Services Regional Office serves as a regional and state presence. Field staff of the Center answers and provides information about Medicare for people who qualify. Medicare and Medicaid. The CDC's. Health and Social Care Organization and the insurance industry.

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