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What Is Medicare Rewards

April 29, 2022

Rewards and incentives for Medicare Plans

Earn rewards for completing a preventive exam, screening test, and vaccination. It should be taken into consideration when deciding what's best for health. Optima Medicare is a program that rewards people who have a healthier lifestyle. Earning rewards is easy! Complete any eligible preventive testing and receive a free gift card. Keep your rewards cards secure! If you earn more rewards, the rewards will go directly into your bank account and you can continue to use the same payment method. No reward may be applied for buying cigarettes. Rewards are redeemable as cash. You will only be awarded 1 reward for the service you are requesting.

Introducing Independent Health's Medicare Rewards Program

Medicare members are eligible for free Medicare coverage if you receive preventive care. You will earn rewards for doing preventive work by using Nations OTC to purchase groceries, Apple® product and many other products! It can be easy to earn a reward! No paper documents can be submitted to earn rewards dollars. Simply create the Nation OTC account and your rewards are applied to your Nations OTC account if Independent Health receives a medical report on a qualifying visit.

Start earning rewards today

Your health benefits will increase if you complete all health services available at the recommended rate from your health care professional. When you complete a specific service below, according to your healthcare provider, you will receive rewards.

Health Plan patients can earn My Health Pays™ rewards by completing healthy activities, such as routine checkups and screenings. When your patients stay focused on their ongoing and preventive care, you receive the benefit of improving the health of your patients, which results in greater quality scores.

How do I earn reward dollars?

By participating in a qualifying preventative service, you can earn rewards for buying grocery goods, or you'll even earn cash to spend on an Apple product. All service providers will be paid one-time each year for completing the recommended prevention frequency.

See Evidence of Coverage for a complete description of plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage.

Tell me the maximum reward I can earn?

The annual payout is up to $150. Rewards dollars earned may vary depending on the membership's frequency policy. * )

How do I access my rewards dollars?

You may receive reward cash by contacting the United States Benefits office at 1-800-272-9200 ext 711. You can register online for NationsOTC.

Earn Rewards

Enter date completed: Hint: mm/dd/yyyy Please check the box and enter a date Save Get an annual preventive screening Taking care of your mental health matters now more than ever. To earn your reward, complete a depression screening with your primary care physician (PCP). It's one of the preventive screenings covered by your plan.

Signing up for the rewards program Completing a health risk assessment Completing an annual wellness exam Getting a flu shot Completing a cancer screening Completing certain exercise activities Many carriers understand the benefits of instituting a Member Rewards Program.

$25 reward The Annual Physical Exam is another great way for you to engage with your doctor. During an Annual Physical Exam, your provider reviews your current health history and completes a comprehensive physical exam and evaluation of chronic diseases, if applicable. Available to all Optima Medicare and Optima Community Complete members.

Visit (HHV) $50 Complete an Annual Wellness Visit $30 (AWV) or Annual Physical Exam – Read, listen to, or watch a health educational series $20 Get an annual preventive screening such as a colorectal or breast cancer screening $50 Stay on track with diabetes care $30 Get an annual flu shot or COVID-19 vaccine $15 Terms and conditions Members can earn rewards by completing some or all program activities. Rewards can be earned from January 1 to December 31, 2022.

Mental Health Diagnosis Health Risk Assessment Breast Cancer Screening Colon Cancer Screening Annual Wellness Visit REDEEMING REWARDS Your patients can use their Visa® Prepaid Card to help pay for a variety of products and services*:

Health Risk Assessment

2022 Healthy Rewards Program Expand All Annual Wellness Visit - $25 reward The Annual Wellness Visit is an appointment with someone from your primary care provider's team. At this appointment you can discuss any health issues you are having as well as plan for all preventive screenings, tests, and vaccines you might need over the next few years.

UnitedHealth Personal Rewards combines incentives and tools to help you make more informed health and lifestyle decisions, like getting recommended preventive care or reaching health goals.

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