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The Most Affordable Walk-In Tub Brands of 2022

Get an immediate home safety inspection For those elderly who have difficulty stepping through bathtub walls or slippery surfaces walk-in bathtubs provide safer alternatives when bathing. These tubs are far better adapted to physical accessibility than conventional tubs thanks to the oversized grab bars. Nonetheless, pricing in walking-in baths can cause some difficulty to seniors.

With walk-in tub project costs (included installation) starting at around $3000 - well over $2000, the bathtub market does not always favor tight budgeters.

The 4 Best Walk-In Tubs of 2022 | Reviews & Costs

Bathrooms are a major and distinctive place within any home, so proper fixtures can elevate a bathroom and add a relaxing atmosphere to the home. The walk-on bath has become popular in bathrooms and provides more flexibility in stepping inside and leaving a bathtub without being injured. In the event that an elderly bather has a mobility issue, walk-in bathtubs are available from several manufacturers and retail outlets.

Walk-in bathtub prices & costs

Walk-in bathtubs are very costly to buy and install. Prices for walk-in bathtubs and installation cost are more expensive. In most walk-in tub buyers the benefits of the complete walk-in setup outweigh the costs; however, the customer has to know that they must know all of the potential costs when purchasing a bathtub.

Is it better to have a walk-in shower or tub?

The bathtub can be the ideal option for your bath. But if you think relaxation doesn't involve bathing in a hot bath or you want an overnight shower before your flight, the walk-in shower would be an effective choice.

Best Walk-In Tub-Shower Combination For Seniors (2022)

Best combo bathtub and shower combo. Editor's choice: THE MOST VARIANT TUB DESIGN - MOST LUXURIOUS FOR LARGE BOYS. Do we need an accessible bath? It is also possible to buy new bathtubs from trusted brands and install them with a standing showerhead. We have listed top brands you must take into consideration if you are choosing a shower combo with a walk-in shower.

What is a walk-in bathtub?

Walk-in tubs are what they sound like: bathtubs where one can walk in and not walk around the room. The user will have the option of closing the doors or filling the tub. Walkin bathtubs provide a simple but secure way to soak with people who are physically disabled. The products have several sizes and the option of a bath and shower combo; therapeutic/whirlpool jet jet jet jets and hydromasses and safety equipment like hookup bars.

Walking-in baths are useful in helping older adults get comfortable in their own home, maintain good cleanliness, and enjoy many of the health benefits from a bathing experience.

What is the average price for a walk-in bathtub?

A walk-in bathtub's average cost is between $2500 and $1000. While varying costs are considered the most critical, the type of tubs are the most important. Accessories & Features: Soak bathtub without extra features.

How much is a senior tub?

Costs of a walk-in tub range from about $1,000 for an ordinary soaker to about $18,000 for two-person tubs providing a spalike experience. Walk-in bath costs vary depending mostly on material and features of the tub.

How much is a walk-in tub for seniors?

How much does it cost to use a Walk-In Tub?

Walk in Tub

this Senior List guide to walk-in tubs, I'll walk you through all the things you should consider before purchasing and plunging into your new walk-in bathtub. Walk In Tub Tips for Buying a Walk-In Tub There's a lot that goes into purchasing a walk-in tub for your home.

In Tubs Cost

Although they can be expensive, the payoff in health benefits, convenience, added independence, and home value might make the investment worthwhile. Q: How much do walk-in tubs cost? Walk-in tubs can cost between $4,000 and $20,000, with a national average of $5,500 including labor and installation.

Plumbing and Electrical

Contractors typically charge between 40 percent and 65 percent for demo, installation, tiling, grouting, and sealing, not to mention the plumbing and electrical work involved. General labor can cost between $700 and $3,000 (although that can vary regionally).

Outward Swinging Doors

Built-in grab bars are standard on all models, and all models offer a choice between left side or right side door and drain. The lines also include models with both inward and outward swinging doors. Universal Tubs Universal Tubs walk-in tubs and tub-shower combos are available through Home Depot and are an excellent choice for anyone who wants an affordable, accessible option.

Walk-in tub cost by type

There are various walk-in baths available. They could be tailored to suit individual needs / budgets. However, the higher it is or the more advanced it is, the more it costs. Most costs range from $2000 to $7000. Installation is usually extra. The type of walk-in bathtub is likely to also determine installation costs. Tubs are usually wide enough so that the user can stretch the legs or even sit in it. It has two seats to accommodate two people. Hydrotherapy and whirling bathing facilities are equipped with jets for aching muscles and provide a range of health benefits.

Factors in Calculating Walk-In Tub Cost

A simple tub with showers is priced between $1,000 and $20,000. As with all bathrooms, the cost of a bathtub may vary depending upon the size, the type features and the brand. These alternatives total about $5500. A tub that meets an ADA requirement may be more expensive. The material used for making the tub influences prices. In fact it is more expensive to buy. While most walk-in tubs are retrofitted to space previously used by a conventional bath, some additional electrical and plumbing improvements are required.

Air Jets

To make matters more complicated, the features described in these models are not necessarily mutually exclusive. There are certainly bariatric tubs that feature air jets and whirlpool jets. This is just to give you an outline of the basics.

Deep Soaking Tubs

The air, however, refers to this tub's array of jets that pump air throughout the soaking bath, giving the bather a massage-like effect. Deep Soaking Tubs : This type of walk-in tub is deeper than other models, allowing you to completely submerge your body while still in an upright, seated position.

Inward Swinging Doors

The other two models offered both have inward swinging doors. One model's door is curved and one is straight. The Straight Door Walk-In Tub 28×48, 30×60, 32×60, and 30×51 The Gelcoat Premium Series, the Entry Series, and the Acrylic Luxury Series Name example: “Luxury Series 28×48-inch Right Drain Walk-in Tub Combination Massage with Tub Faucet”.

Whirlpool Tubs

They can have two seats so two people can use them at the same time. Hydrotherapy and whirlpool tubs feature jets to massage or gently soothe aching muscles and provide other health benefits. There are more accessible units for users with physical limitations.

Install a Walk

Many buyers will appreciate that the work has already been done for them. Q: Can I install a walk-in tub on my own? Installing a walk-in tub is not for the novice DIYer. You will need to do plumbing and, depending on the model, electrical work as well as tiling.

Walk in Bathtub

Other Models to Consider The only other walk-in tub model that this company sells is called the Windsor Walk-in Tub (listed on the sales page as Walk in Bathtub, 51″ x 29½” Swing Out Door with an option of left or right drain).

Many Walk in Tubs

Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazon's commitment to empowering them. Learn more 55" x 30" Deluxe Massage Whirlpool Walk In Tub Door and Drain Location: Right 4.5 out of 5 stars 4 Meditub 3060WCARWD 30x60 Right Drain White Whirlpool & Air Jetted Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Bathtub Small Business Small Business Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazon's store.

Basic Tub

The company scored very well in cost transparency and extra fees. American Standard also stands out by offering the fourth most affordable basic tub in our list, and the fifth most affordable hydrotherapy system. American Standard sells through many online retailers.

Bathroom Fixtures

These qualities make Ella our choice for the Overall Best Walk-In Tub Company. American Standard (Best for Budget) American Standard Best for Budget Check Price Overview American Standard is an industry leader in bathroom fixtures and offers solid options for walk-in tubs at a variety of price points.

Other Bathroom Fixtures

Here are some of the factors that contribute to installation expenses: Bathroom space : Walk-in tubs often have unusual shapes or sizes different from a typical bathtub's dimensions, so they can require some work to fit into a bathroom while also making sure that other bathroom fixtures remain functional and accessible.

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Tub Installation

Installation And Tub Price A walk-in tub-shower combination may cost as little as $2,000 or more than $10,000, and this price includes only the tub. Additional costs include tub installation and potential fees for electric or plumbing updates, along with bathroom remodel costs. Your existing bathroom setup and the features you desire can also influence your final price.

Traditional Tub

Water capacity ranges from that of a traditional tub to over 90 gallons. Fill And Drain System Fill time varies depending on the tub you choose and your plumbing, but you can expect an Ella walk-in bathtub to fill to a level where you can use the jets in about 10 minutes.

Air and Water Jets

As a rule, acrylic tends to be slightly more expensive upfront, but may be more durable and require less maintenance over time. Air and water jets : Walk-in tubs with hydrotherapy and whirlpool features tend to cost more because of the built-in systems that power the jets.

expensive walk in tubs

Much like a traditional bathtub, this type of walk-in unit still uses water. The air, however, refers to this tub's array of jets that pump air throughout the soaking bath, giving the bather a massage-like effect.

soaking Sub

This tub ranked fifth most affordable in the cost of hydrotherapy (whirlpool) and sixth most affordable for add-ons. This tub model can be purchased as a soaking tub with no jets, a whirlpool tub with heated water jets, an “Air Spa”  with air jets, or a “combo” tub that includes both air and whirlpool jets.

Heated Seats

Fortunately, many companies offer fast-fill and drain features, as well as optional heated seats and backrests. If you want the tub to fill and drain quickly, a plumber may need to make some changes to your pipes. Additionally, larger tubs may require a bigger water heater than you currently have.

Heated Surfaces

Spirit scored well because its (estimated) prices are reasonable and because it offers a wide array of features: air therapy for $312, combination jet therapy for $624, heated surfaces for $312, aromatherapy for $208, lights for $208, a bidet for $104, and more.

Can you shower in a walk-in bath?

While most walk-in baths have a handheld water heater, an overhead rain-water shower allows you to take advantage of the benefits of walk-in bathtubs - this includes a small step threshold and ergonomic seats while retaining the choice to take the shower.

Are walk in tubs tax deductible?

Tax deduction for walk-in bathtubs is available for purchase if the tub is used to provide medical protection. Hence, material and installation costs are taxed as dental and medical expenses.

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Are walk-in tubs worth it?

Walk-in tubs have more amenities than typical bathtubs so they are definitely worth the price. If there were no showers for the elderly or disabled in the house then walking tubs would be a great choice.

How much does a top of the line walk-in tub cost?

The average price for walking tubs is about $2000 at the upper end of this spectrum and more. Installation costs. Average Walk-In Bathtub Cost Per Brand.

basic walk in tub

Basic Walk In Tub Tips for Buying a Walk-In Tub There's a lot that goes into purchasing a walk-in tub for your home. These questions are designed to help you through the process, from choosing a model to basking in your new, luxurious unit.

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