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November 28, 2022

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Register for nib MediGap and/or GU Health Medical Gap Networks

Honeysuckle Health acts as a representative for the NibMed MediGap and GU Health Medical Gap networks. After confirmation, gu health can accept no gap claims from medap & known gap claims from nib. The rates of the MediGap and Guhealth Medical gaps are different. Nit - Medical Gap - Conditionsnib Medical Gap – Rates Schedule.

The MediGap benefit is higher than the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) benefit, as outlined in more detail in the MediGap Schedule of Benefits. As a registered MediGap provider, you will be listed on nib's find a provider search tool and you have the right to decide on a case-by-case basis if you wish to participate. Click here to view nib MediGap rates, terms and conditions and for more information.

What is MediGap?

Nib Medigap seeks to remove out-of-pocket costs that Nib membership pays for outpatient medical or surgical expenses. The MediGap benefit exceeds Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) benefits as detailed in the MediGap Schedule of Benefits. After securing an approved MediGap account you decide whether you wish to participate or not. Upon enrolling a medical patient into MediGAP, the patient will not pay the Medicare members' out of pocket costs.

Where do patients visit this provider?

Please provide a city, postal code and state of practice for the APRA Primary Practice Area. The information is disclosed according to the terms and conditions. If providers have offices within the same region, they can be listed for the same location in order of availability. Address line 1 (optional) the address line 2 Suburbs Required State Required Post code required Telephone (optional) e-mail (optional) Site (optional).

Through the partnership, nib members as well as their GPs will be able to make an assessment based on whether a medical specialist participates in nib's no gap scheme (MediGap) and the frequency with which medical specialists charge nib members a gap or out-of-pocket expense. This information will be available at the point of referral, via GP consultation software.

Provider bank details

Please add a Medicare provider name or the bank details. Please no registration for hospitals providers. Provider Numbers. BSBS Required. The account number. The username must also be specified. Add additional supplier numbers to the provider list.

Applicants' names, specialties and addresses are posted on participating Health Funds and Partner Provider Directory. Title Required First name Required Middle name (optional) Last name Required Must be in line with a Medicare Registered Name.

The Nip membership can seek out a specialist registered with MediGap in the following ways. Become part of MediGap. Let's help our members by offering our innovative search engines.

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Medicare benefits schedule

What is nib MediGap? What is MediGap. nib MediGap aims to eliminate the out of pocket costs nib members pay for inpatient medical and surgical fees. The MediGap benefit is higher than the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) benefit, as outlined in more detail in the MediGap Schedule of Benefits. Does nib have a known gap scheme? Anaesthetics No Gap and Known Gap nib's GapSure Anaesthetists network guarantees a No Gap or Known Gap up to $500 for anaesthetic services to help limit your out of pocket costs.

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Health insurance

Some specialists charge more than the MBS fee, meaning you'll have to pay an additional cost that isn't covered by Medicare or your health insurance (an out of pocket or gap fee). MediGap means that nib agrees to pay an extra amount in addition to the standard 25% MBS fee. The service must be eligible for MediGap and your doctor must agree to participate in MediGap and bill nib directly for your procedure.

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