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Medigap Enrollment Data

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November 9, 2022

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A Sources of Coverage Among Medicare Beneficiaries in 2018

More than 82 million Americans are covered by Medicare. Medicare beneficiaries can either choose to obtain Medicare benefits through the standard Medicare program. Medicare Advantage plans offer all the benefits provided under Medicare Part B and Part C. Some provide supplemental health care services like dental and vision. Some Medicare beneficiaries use other sources of protection when they need additional Medicare benefits.

To better understand trends in the growth of the program, this brief provides current information about Medicare Advantage enrollment, including the types of plans in which Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled, and how enrollment varies across geographic areas. A second, companion analysis describes Medicare Advantage premiums, out-of-pocket limits, cost sharing, extra benefits offered, prior authorization requirements, and star ratings in 2022.

Medicare insurance data 2021 Medigap statistics from Association for Medicare

medigap enrollment data

This page on Medicare Supplement Insurance provides pertinent information to the insurance industry and its members. Materials shared with others. We appreciate your support for a link to our website. Thanks. NOVEMBER 2021: Medicare Benefit Statistics Medicare Benefit Statistics – 2020.

Among standardized Plans A-N, Plan F covers the annual Medicare Part B deductible and offers the most comprehensive benefits. Plan F enrolled approximately 5.7 million Med Supp members and accounted for 41% of the market in 2021; dropping from 6.2 million in 2020. 

Medicare supplement insurance

Among fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare enrollees without additional insurance coverage (such as Medicaid, employer-provided insurance, etc.), 50% had Medicare Supplement coverage in 2019. Medicare enrollees with Medicare Supplement insurance were older than the general Medicare population: 43% of Medicare Supplement policyholders were 75 years old or older compared with 35% for all Medicare enrollees.

Based on performance data filed in annual financial statements from the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), Enrollment in Medicare Supplement plans was 13.928 million. 

Medicare Advantage

The organization partnered with CSG Actuarial to gather pertinent data in advance of the upcoming national industry conference. “There definitely is greater interest today in Medicare Advantage,” Slome explains. “You can't watch television without seeing an ad touting zero-premium options and free added benefits such as dental and vision. That's hard to resist but both options have definite advantages and disadvantages which make comparing your options so critically important.”

The hospital/medical coverage data can be broken down further by health care delivery (Original Medicare versus Medicare Advantage and Other Health Plans) and the prescription drug coverage data can be examined by those enrolled in stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans and those enrolled in Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans.

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Medigap coverage

Resources for using and understanding the data The dataset is based on information gathered from CMS administrative enrollment data for beneficiaries enrolled in the Medicare program available from the CMS Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse.

Medigap plans G, D, and N saw enrollment increases in 2020. Plan G covers all Medicare deductibles and coinsurance payments except the Part B deductible. This plan saw a 22 percent enrollment increase between 2019 and 2020, adding 660,000 beneficiaries.

Medicare SELECT plans are the same as Medigap plans except they require policyholders to use provider networks to receive benefits. As a result, these plans usually cost less . Nine percent of companies offered Medigap policies covering 41 or more states or territories, and 19 percent covered individuals in 26 to 40

Medigap policies

 When factoring in a small number of plans with just 23,721 members that had not yet filed when this analysis was conducted, year-over-year enrollment growth remained relatively flat. This brief provides an overview of the Medicare Supplement market with insights about competitive positioning and standardized plan type preferences.

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