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Medicare Would Like to Test The Hypothesis

mean data null hypothesis. one sample tests, assisted living facility,
June 25, 2022

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Medicare would like to test the hypothesis that the average monthly rate for one-bedroom assisted-living facilities..

Medicare has proposed that the median monthly cost in assisted-living facilities would be approximately $3300. In one random analysis, the average monthly rate was $3690 for 12 assisted-living centers. Standard deviations were calculated from the sample at 530. Medicare wants the value 0.5. The conclusion of this test is that because the absolute value of the test statistic does not exceed the absolute value of the critical value the average monthly rate for assisted housing is not less than $3300.

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Hypothesis test

When determining whether to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis, mistakes can be made: Type I and Type II errors. Though it is impossible to ensure that these errors have not occurred, researchers should limit the possibilities of these faults.

bedroom assisted living facility, p value reject, upper critical

Absolute Value

In Sample statistic options choose Sample Statistic Known and enter 12 as the Sample size and 3690 as the Sample mean, and 530 as the Sample standard deviation. next step In Test Options, choose Two Tail Test. Next Click OK Excel add-in (PH Stat) output: t Test for Hypothesis of the Mean Data Null Hypothesis = Level of significance.

In EXCEL, Select Add-Ins > PH Stat > One-Sample Tests > t Test for the mean, Sigma unknown. Step 2: Enter 3300 under Null hypothesis. Step 3: Enter 0.05 under Level of significance. Step 4: In Sample Statistic Options, choose Sample Statistic Known and enter 12 as the Sample size and 3690 as the Sample mean, and 530 as the Sample standard deviation.

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P value

Try Numerade Free for 30 days Continue Elementary Statistics a Step by Step Approach Hypothesis Testing Section 3 t Test for a Mean Discussion You must be signed in to discuss.

A random sample of 12 assisted-living facilities had an average rate of $3,690 per month. Since t(= 2.549) > 2.201, then reject the null hypothesis. Correct Answer: The conclusion for this hypothesis test would be that because the absolute value of the test statistic is more than the absolute value of the critical value, we can conclude that the average monthly rate for an assisted-living facility is not equal to $3,300. 6. Calculate the appropriate price for Dec... Search Recent Questions

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Test statistic

The sample standard deviation was $530. A random sample of 28 patients across the country had an average cost of with a standard deviation of At can it be concluded that the mean is less than Get the answer to your homework problem.

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