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Medicare To Pay For Covid Tests

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June 25, 2022

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FAQs on Medicare Coverage and Costs Related to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

Medicare benefits 61 million people with long-term impairment. Due to age and higher potential to have serious health conditions than younger Americans, virtually every individual in Medicare can develop serious health problems as a result.

COVID-17 is a chronic infectious disease currently lacking cures although several therapies and vaccines are in development. Diagnostics for CoviD-19 are confirmed by test, and treatment is dependent upon severity of symptoms.

Who's eligible?

Medicare will pay for these tests when you are covered by Part B insurance, and includes those who are part of an Medicare Advantage program.

If you're part of the Medicare Advantage plan and you are covered by Medicare Advantage, the tests that are that are covered by this initiative are covered beyond your current coverage under your plan as a supplement to prescription tests that are included in this plan, as benefit. advantage.

Medicare will not cover COVID-19 over-the-counter tests if you have only Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) coverage. However, you might be eligible to take free tests through other programs.

When will this initiative begin?

The test begins on the 4th of April, 2022 and will continue through the time that COVID-19's public health emergency (PHE) is over. The beneficiaries of Medicare Part B are entitled to eight tests free of charge in April anytime before April 30.

They can later receive another set of eight over-the counter tests each month of the calendar until the conclusion of the COVID-19 PHE.

How do I obtain tests from the initiative?

You can purchase COVID-19 over-the-counter tests at any health care provider who participates in this program. Contact your pharmacist or health provider to find out whether they participate. If they are, they will perform your tests and be able to bill Medicare directly on behalf of you.

A partial list of participating pharmacies can be found at Bring your white, red or blue Medicare card to take the free test (even even if you're a member of an Medicare Advantage Plan (or Medicare Part D) However, the pharmacist could be able get the necessary information to pay Medicare with no card.

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Do I need to switch pharmacies in order to receive the test for free?

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No. You can obtain your free COVID-19 tests over-the-counter from any pharmacy or health provider who voluntarily takes part in this initiative regardless of whether you're an existing patient or customer. The results of your test won't affect any prescriptions you may have already in place.

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Do I need to pay any money to obtain COVID-19 tests over-the-counter as part of this initiative?

There's no need to pay for the test if you visit an eligible healthcare provider or pharmacy who participates in this program. If, however, you receive higher than eight covered prescription-only COVID-19 tests during any month in the calendar, Medicare will not pay for any additional tests over the counter in the month.

You could be liable for the costs of any additional tests in that occur in the calendar month, unless have additional health insurance. If you have coverage that isn't Medicare it is important to determine if they pay for any additional tests over the Medicare amount limit.

This means that your healthcare provider or pharmacy may request that you pay for these tests. Sometimes, note tests are packed that contain more than one test in each box, which means that eight tests might be included in fewer than 8 boxes.

Vaccine fraud awareness If someone calls, texts, or emails you promising access to the vaccine for a fee, don't share your personal or financial information.

Do I have to pay for any tests I purchased prior to April 4 2022?

No. Medicare coverage and payment starts with the date of April 4, 2022 and will be offered for up to 8 COVID-19 tests that you can purchase over the counter each month, which you can obtain from any participating health care provider once the start of the initiative.

Medicare does not pay for tests that are available over-the counter prior to April 4, 2022.

Medicare beneficiaries originally left out When the White House first announced in January its plan to require insurers to pay for at-home tests, it did not include coverage for Medicare beneficiaries.

Do I need to wait for a certain period duration before I could take another eight tests with Medicare?

Beginning on April 4 2022, this program will cover up to eight prescription COVID-19 tests per calendar month. If you've already taken one of those tests during the month in which you're currently then you'll need be patient until start of the calendar month following for additional tests.

For instance, if you received eight over-the counter COVID-19 testing on April 14th, 2022 as part of this program it will not be eligible for a new set of free COVID-19 testing until May 1st 2022. It is important to note that there may be multiple tests in a box, meaning that eight tests could be contained in less than eight boxes.

Medicare Advantage plans can offer additional telehealth benefits not covered by traditional Medicare, including telehealth visits for beneficiaries provided to enrollees in their own homes, and services provided outside of rural areas.

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Do I have to submit claims for a test that I've paid myself?

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No. Medicare is unable to process a request that a beneficiary submits for an over-the-counter COVID-19 test. Check with your healthcare provider is part of the program, and in that the case they'll be billed by Medicare for the test over-the-counter on your behalf.

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When will this initiative expire?

Medicare will cover up to eight complimentary over-the counter COVID-19 test per calendar month with this program for as long as the COVID-19 PHE remains. Find no-cost COVID-19 testing by health professionals with over 20,000 testing locations across the country.

Take PCR tests and antigen tests from an accredited lab for no cost when a physician or other medical professional requests it on your behalf. In the COVID-19 PHE you can take one test performed by a lab without the health doctor's prescription for free.

Medicare is now covered for up to 8 prescription COVID-19 tests every month without cost to you.

The coverage will continue up to the time that COVID-19 medical emergency is over.

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) will be covered for these tests if you are covered by Part B. (Medicare does not cover non-prescription COVID-19 tests if you have only Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) coverage, however you could be eligible to receive free tests from other insurance programs or coverage that you have.)

If you're part of an Medicare Advantage Program, you will not receive this benefit from the plan, but you will receive it as were you not enrolling within the program.

It is possible that you will need to show your red, white as well as blue Medicare card to receive the COVID-19 test for free at any pharmacy (even when you have a separate card that is an Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part D plan).

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