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Medicare Simplified

April 26, 2022

Tell me the importance of Medicare decisions?

Medicare decision making may seem daunting, frustrating, but are extremely crucial and are worth reviewing carefully. Some people who turn 65 have fewer than half their life now. You can be covered under Medicare for longer than most insurances. Probably for more than 10 years, you were employed at the same company, and there was not any comparable medical insurance plan for all of these years. You may file a higher claim amount for Medicare compared to other health plans. In this age of Medicare, it's important that you find an appropriate choice that suits you.

Eliminating Medicare Confusion

Medicare Simplified is a non-government organization providing support to Medicare patients. We don't sell insurance, we don't even know any insurance agents and we'll never be a part of Medicare. It's entirely our own! Medicare provides various insurance types. The insurance industry is vastly diverse, and many insurances offer Medicare coverage. In addition the regulations have important deadlines and penalties. It's possible for everyone to find themselves a confused or even upset person.

What is Medicare?

Medicare offers coverage to 65 and older citizens in every state and the nation. It primarily aims at young people with disabilities who meet certain criteria. You may receive Medicare if you turn 70. Congratulations on reaching age 65! No more good for the elderly American? In addition, it is essential that we offer enough insurance to help ensure that our lives can be fully enjoyed.


Part A will provide funds for the inpatient care of patients with acute or chronic diseases and for the treatment of their patients by skilled nursing or hospice. Your Medicare coverage starts on your first day at age 65 and you qualify. Hello birthdays! Most of the parts are free of cost. You won't have to pay Medicare Part B unless you pay Medicare taxes for more than ten years. Parts B is not complete. This is why Medicare is so important. The plan protects the health care system from the high costs. You should sign up for Part A before you qualify for a late fee if possible.


The B Part will help you pay for medical treatment outside the scope of Part A. Part A and part B collectively are called Original Medicare. Part B insurance is available at no extra cost unless purchased from the federal government. Part B policies require an annual premium that usually comes from a deduction of Social Security benefits.


Often described by the term Medicare Advantage Plan, Part C offers private care providers approved by Medicare. This Part-C Plan provides the services offered by Part B (hospital insurance), Part A (health insurance), as well as sometimes additional services including vision and hearing. Part C plans can also include a private fee for services, PPOs or HMO plans. Part C plan members usually have their costs shared with physicians or hospitals that are included in the plan.

Health Coverage

The level of complication is further elevated for those who have health coverage available through a current or previous employer of theirs or a spouse, a union or the Military. Also, the impact of Healthcare Reform creates a new level of uncertainty about the future that requires careful evaluation.

Drug coverage

Medicare Advantage Plan Study - Included are specific details (cost and coverage) on the Plans that come up the best for your personal situation. Other Coverage Available - We will compare your Medicare options to any other coverage you have available after age 65 (current or previous employer of yours or your spouse, a union, the Military, etc).

Medigap is a supplemental plan that covers areas that Original Medicare doesn't. These areas include copays, coinsurance, deductibles, prescription drugs, vision, hearing, and dental care. Medigap supplemental plans are purchased in addition to your Original Medicare.

Do your research now and avoid costly mistakes later.

Health plan

With the prospect of relying on Medicare so much it is crucial to make sure your choices meet your personal needs. Some people will pay more for Medicare than they have for any health coverage in the past.

Century Medicare Simplified is dedicated to educating and assisting individuals who are facing these difficult decisions Who We Help Medicare Simplified is an independent organization that educates and assists: Individuals turning age 65 and are first eligible for Medicare.

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