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Medicare Basics

Medicare is the national health insurance program to which all Social Security recipients who are either over 65 years of age or permanently disabled are eligible.

Medicare Health
Coverage Options

When you first enroll in Medicare and during certain times of the year, you can choose how you get your Medicare coverage. There are 2 main ways.

Medicare Prescrittion Drug Coverage

Medicare drug coverage helps pay for prescription drugs you need. Even if you don't take prescription drugs now, you should consider getting medicare.

Medicare Coverd Services

Medicare has five main options that offer healthcare benefits to people age 65 and older and people with disabilities and some chronic conditions:

Types of Medicare 
Advantage Coverage

Medicare Advantage Plans, a type of Medicare health plan offered by contracting private companies, give all Part A and Part B benefits.

Medicare Fraud &
Abuse Overview

fraud and abuse can happen anywhere, and usually results in higher health care costs and taxes for everyone. Some examples include:
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