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Can Medicare Patients Use Goodrx

May 31, 2022

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Should I use GoodRx instead of health insurance or Medicare?

Skip to main content This post has been sponsored by GoodRx and contributed by Patch brands partners. Taking care of the health is important, so it is always worth investing in obtaining the care you deserve. Having medical care costs increasing is arguably the greatest cost to buy prescription medications at a reasonable rate for cheapest prices. I think it's pretty bizarre, honestly.” In chatting up his CVS pharmacist, White was surprised to learn that not only does the chain accept GoodRx coupons, but the pharmacist himself uses them to get his own asthma medications for a more affordable price.

Many consumers have no idea that the cost of their prescription may vary according to their insurer's policy or where to purchase them from. “They provide the benefits a PBM might provide for uninsured consumers.” Those benefits can be substantial. “Uninsured consumers, they're a big cash cow for pharmacies,” says Joyce.  “They pay ridiculously high prices [for generic drugs].”

Prescription Discount Cards and Coupons for Medicare Beneficiaries

FAQ's / Prescribed Discount Card for Medicare Beneficiary. Rx coupons from manufacturers offer a great way to reduce prescription drug costs. In the past Medicare coupon use was deemed illegal. In this case, if a Medicare-Part D health insurance plan allows you to use a pharmacy coupon, the coupon should be used for all prescriptions you buy. The cashier will tell you what price your known insurance coverage is charging you for the medication. You can compare that to GoodRx price and then choose which one.

Medicare, GoodRx, & Drug Pricing - Medicare Mindset, LLC

Getting Medicare prescription drug costs is extremely stressful. We always support our customers, but only based upon medications we know you are using right now. Can you list the prices for your medications before you get one that is not in the same brand. When you choose the GoodRx coverage, it means your prescription co-pays are not going into your Prescription Drug Coverage phases of coverage. During this time of no coverage you may be able to save money on your medications using GoodRx. I would instead recommend: enroll in a Prescription Drug Plan.

Why can't Medicare beneficiaries use Rx coupons?

X couponing for Medicare does not cause legal repercussions. When comparing the prescription coupon with Part D health plan coverage, the lines are blurred. The use and misuse of a Medicare Part D Rx coupon is illegal across America. Whenever you purchase an Rx voucher, you must disable the Medicare Part A benefits you are claiming under Part A. Alternatively, you can get the coupon instead of Medicare Part D for a reduced price. If you have health insurance you can still stay on your drug plan. The pharmacy should be checked first because they could confuse your alternatives.

Tell me the Anti-Kickback Statute?

The Social Security Amendment of 1972 prohibited drug companies from discounting drugs on Medicare purchases. The 1972 Amendment also includes a law against kickbacks. This Act is unlawful for anyone who offers discounts on drug items to people who receive federal medical coverage. When the pharmacy companies suggest a cheaper alternative for a prescription for a drug, Medicare pays more to pay for it. You acknowledge a licensed insurance agent will contact you by phone, email, or mail to discuss Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), Prescription Drug Plans (Part D), and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). Neither Medicare Mindset, LLC nor its agents are connected with the Federal Medicare Program.

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Can Medicare beneficiaries use GoodRx prescription coupons?

Almost every Medicare Advantage plan has an option for Part D. You have the same coverage for your drug cards and you may also have discounts, as in Medicare. You may use a discount coupon for prescription prescriptions if this helps save fewer dollars than the Medicare Advantage program. For people without insurance or Medicaid benefits, Rx coupons can offer a great opportunity to save while shopping online.

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The health insurance companies use formulary lists to calculate prices for the products. Non-pre-approved medicines and drugs on higher formulary levels can lead to higher costs. In addition, if a medical plan includes prescription deductibles, it will also require full payment until your maximum.

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How does GoodRx work?

GoodRx collects all current cost of medications through a database of online searches. There are price lists based on different sources including pharmacy-specific saving (for example lower costs for specific medications). The Goodrx app can be used by anyone looking for medication or by printing coupons for the local pharmacy.

The savings may vary based on individual insurance plans and medications and can reach as much as 80 per cent for unused prescription drugs a year. The difference between coupons for goods purchased that way and medications purchased at the pharmacy is that GoodRx does not also give you the store advertised low price AND the GoodRx coupon.

How can I use GoodRx for insurance purposes?

You will simply need an appropriate Coupon for your GoodRx prescription for the pharmacy in your area. GoodRx coupons are accessible for print on your PC or smartphone, and can be downloaded from the App on any computer or smartphone. Tell the pharmacist to take the coupon for sale. The merchant can use the code on your coupons to save on your new price. When you use GoodRx to replace your insurance, we can refund the cost of your purchases.

Should I use GoodRx or my health insurance plan?

Many circumstances require GoodRx to buy drugs that cost less. It all depends on what medications your insurance or Medicare covers and what amount will cover your costs. Your plan cover, copayments and other costs may affect your costs per prescription. How often do you get paid to take medication? If you want GoodRx as your insurance, it will be determined by your own preferences and budget.

How to compare GoodRx And Health Care Plan Prices?

You can check the pharmacy insurance plans cost first before buying medication. You can find out the full formulary for the health plan through your insurance company website. It also contains information about restrictions, such as prior authorization and limit of quantity and if your deductible is not. Then look at GoodRx and you will be able to see free coupon information.

Should I use GoodRx instead of Medicare?

Obviously, you should buy the prescription medications through Medicare if the plan is less costly. However, GoodRx is another great option when you have medications that don't cover your medical insurance. How can I avoid using my insurance company’s GoodRx program?

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