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Can I laminate My Medicare Card

April 28, 2022

Can I Laminate My Medicare Card?

Find affordable Medicare plans you need to get a healthy Medicare card. The Social Security Administration says the use of adhesive is not recommended as the material may affect the card's security. The plastic holder will protect the card if it gets stolen. Whether you are lost or stolen, your Medicare card can be contacted via email or by visiting their website.

Why plastic Medicare cards?

The paper card that Medicare provides is notoriously broken into pieces. They get in washers, tear, fade or even go on accidental swims. Medicare recipients are often requiring replacement card payments. Your card will be delivered within 1-3 months and the replacement will only be available in three days. Plastic medical card is much stronger, fits easily into your wallet, and is easier for providers to photograph and print. Plastic Medicare Cards give you easy access to your Medicare information without sacrificing your safety. This will be your last medical card!

How does it work?

You can buy Medicare cards from Platinum Marketing and Designs very quick! Just fill out the form on the safe online ordering page. Your insurance card information is delivered to the manufacturer's printer directly and is printed into durable and flexible paper cards. Securely packed and delivered direct through 1st class mail. Once your card has been printed, the Medicare details will be wiped off our server immediately.

What if I lose my plastic card?

You should not worry about Medicare fraud. Check your Medicare Summary Notice to see how much service was received and if you find anything suspicious, contact the fraud department at 877.444.7478. Since Medicare information does not be stored, we can't send any Medicare card replacement information to anyone.

Is this a scam?

I'm asking for it often. It's definitely an honest mistake but we can't see the real reason behind your concerns. Platinum Marketing and Design have provided printed marketing solutions to business and personal clients for over 10 years and have tens or thousands of satisfied clients.

There are some companies who sell plastic Medicare cards. While some of these companies are legitimate, some may be scams that are just attempting to collect your Medicare number and other information for fraudulent purposes.

Will my healthcare provider accept it?

Actually most people prefer plastic Medicare cards! Plastic Medicare Cards are not wrinkled or faded, which helps photocopy easily and provides a clearer look. Plastic cards provide additional information to Medicare patients who want to get care.


We don't want you to be contacted by mail. This is just the way to obtain an Medicare card in a paper format. Beware of any calls or emails asking for the information of a person that we do not want or need. We're not Medicare. We have a more attractive solution than the paper cards. It won't be required, it will happen to you and that will be a great thing! No one asks us about your Social Security Number. When you enter the payment details you'll be sent to PayPal' secure checkout page. It's possible to make payment using PayPal or your preferred payment method.

Can you get a plastic Medicare card?

Medicare doesn't offer the use of a plastic card or any other form of Medicare card so we cannot contact you to confirm the information we provide. Plastic Medicare cards are generally scams and are targeted for identity theft unless it is legitimate. Find the best printing service you can find on Medicare cards. Some online services may pretend to offer the services of an accredited company, and then they'll try and steal your Medicare card information.. Several state insurance departments.

A lot of Medicare beneficiaries wonder if they can laminate their Medicare cards. After all, the card is only made of paper and can take a beating if it's pulled in and out of a wallet or purse all the time.

The different types of Medicare cards

Initially your card may come in three different colors (white and pink). This usually occurs three months before a 65-year-old is eligible or the 25-month disabled claim is approved. The card lists the dates of your coverage and the number of hospitals that are covered by this coverage. The website displays the telephone numbers for the Medicare Helpline. The Part D prescription plan will be provided with the same card. All Medicare patients can opt for a Medicare Advantage plan.

You can replace your medicare card online if you want to Platinum Marketing and Design offers online ordering of professionally printed plastic Medicare Cards.

Is it possible to replace my medical card online? You can!

Platinum Marketing & Designs provides online ordering professional plastic Medicare Card. The plastic card is a durable copy of your original medical insurance card and is easily accessible from a doctor or medical professional. There's no replacement cards at all. Printed on durable plastic. Keep the original paper card secure.

You can also get a replacement card by using your online my Social Security account. If you don't have an account, you can create one on the website. When you log in, select the “Replacement Documents” tab and then select “Mail my replacement Medicare Card.” You will receive your Medicare card in the mail within 30 days.

Tell me the best way to protect your Medicare card?

It's easy for Medicare cards to be kept safe with plastic ID cards. This will enable you to safeguard Medicare cards without restricting any security features. If you want something more comfortable and less stressful than carrying it around your wallet then keep it with you.


So far! Your Medicare card will be delivered within 24 hrs. There is no federal law that prohibits anyone from copying their health insurance cards. It even suggests you take the original Medicare Card and keep it safe for your family. Why can't we use plastic to keep our Medicare cards in place without tears? PLENTY OF BUSINESS SERVICES. We have an electronic Medicare Card! Please be cautious. It's possible you'd have someone scammed with prepaid cards to buy Medicare.

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