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About Us

Century medicare insurance offers great coverage and benefits that can save your money on your health care costs, but the best part of the service we provide is the friendly customer service we offer to all of our members. Century medicare insurance was founded in 2021 with the goal of offering high-quality and affordable health insurance, we continue to work towards that goal today through our various plans
At century medicare, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have about medicare insurance, so you can make an informed decision about your coverage. If you’re worried about the costs associated with out-of-pocket medical services, if you’re concerned that coverage may not be sufficient to meet your needs, medicare insurance may be right for you.
We’ve been forced to adapt countless times throughout our lifetime—but one thing has remained true. In fact, for us at Century Medicare, it may be more important than ever.
Our mission has been helping people with injury or illness return to work and independence, something we continue to focus on every day. We’ve grown to become one of America’s top medical supply companies by listening closely to our customers and working hard every day.
For more information about our services and how we can help improve or simplify your life with Medicare, please take a look at our century medicare insurance contact us page

Our Leader

CEO: Tyler Hedland
Tyler Hedland began his career in insurance at the age of 22 being one of the top agents for his company. He then went on to start Century Medicare at the age of 26.

Our Testimonials

testimonial, medicare coverage
To help you make an informed decision about choosing your next home healthcare provider, we asked our customers to share their experiences with us and Century Medicare Solutions.
Jacob Carroll
At Century medicare  we make it our mission to provide quality and cost-effective healthcare to all of our clients. It’s a goal we take very seriously, and one we believe we’ve met with all of our clients – including Maud Moss.
Maud Moss
It is so hard to know who to trust these days, but Century Healthcare really seems to have our best interests at heart. We are very happy with their customer service and would recommend them to anyone in need of senior healthcare.
Fanny Cunningham

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Tyler Hedland - Medicare Expert

Tyler Hedland is a Medicare expert for Century Medicare and the founder, CEO, and expert at Century Medicare. For over 10 years people have been viewing Tyler as a leader and it has been growing ever since. Tyler's leadership has made Century Medicare one of the fastest-growing websites out there.

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